Three travel deal sites I am currently addicted to

In the final days of December, I did something completely out of character: I was spontaneous.

On a whim, I booked return flights to Peru in November 2016 – and I got them for an amazing price. Since then, I’ve found myself (and everyone around me) obsessively checking out similar sites in search of similar great deals.

Here are the sites you need to bookmark if you’re looking for a great travel deals.

Holiday pirates

Holiday pirates

Known as Urlaubspiraten in Germany, Holiday Pirates is a Berlin-based company specialising in finding the best deals for flights, package holidays, hotels and even train tickets. Their team of bargain hunters (or Schnäppchenjäger – one of my favourite German words) diligently scour sites to uncover the best bargains – both for domestic, European or long-haul holidays.

They are particularly skilled at finding ‘error flights’ – routes that erroneously find their way online for ridiculously low prices.

Holiday guru

Holiday guru

Very similar to Holiday Pirates, Holiday Guru is another sites cataloging the best bargains the internet has to offer – including hotels, flights and package deals. You can even find voucher codes and promo deals from the likes of the Sun holidays. Holiday Guru also has a great flight finder function powered by Skyscanner, which lets you search for the latest budget flights.

They are well worth following on Facebook as many of the cheap plane tickets they discover get snapped up quickly.

Secret flying

Secret Flying

Possibly the most addictive of these three websites, Secret Flying is very new to me but it’s become of my favourite sites in a very short time. The principle is basic: choose the continent you are based in and find long-haul flights at budget prices.

The real benefit of Secret Flying is that you are given flights from the continent as a whole, meaning you can bag some bargain tickets to Japan from say Copenhagen and then find a budget route to the Danish capital.

On the road

Of course, all of these sites are dangerous in a way (and a real threat to office productivity) but if you are flexible enough in when you want to go away and where to, these sites are the ideal way to secure a great value break.

Just be warned: on a bleak and dreary February day, that offer to Jamaica can look awfully tempting…

11 thoughts on “Three travel deal sites I am currently addicted to

  1. I’ve just spent half an hour on Secret Flying looking at deals. Seems like I now have an extra reason to come to Dusseldorf (hello 287 euro return flights to Miami!).

    1. That site is so addictive – I almost got flights to Jamaica last week just because there were from Cologne. Any bargains from Bucharest I’ll let you know 😀

      1. There rarely are any real bargains from Bucharest 🙁 It’s cheaper to fly Bucharest – Milan – Thailand and return than to go straight from Bucharest to Thailand which is kinda ridiculous!

  2. Hi, Thank you so much for your post. I’ve gone on secret flying and just booked a trip to Madagascar at a quarter of the price, it’s a dream destination. Thank you so much for your blog as I would never have found it without your blog!

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