8 present ideas for your favourite traveller

We’ve all been there: you’re looking for a great travel-themed gift for your BFF for Christmas, their birthday or your friendaversary (I’m pretty sure that’s a thing). You’ve already bought them the scratch-off map, three passport covers and even one of those crumple-up maps (which turned out to be utterly useless). And now you need a fresh and exciting present for your travel-loving friend – hopefully one they will actually use.

Well you’ve come to the right place.

As a frequent receiver of said gifts (including those bought by me for me), let me give you a run-down of some great and original wanderlust-y and map-themed gift ideas for friends and family.

Disclaimer: I have not been asked to include any of the below items, I’m simply just a big fan.

Map-themed gift ideas

Travel games: Mapominoes

  1. Mapominoes

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me to see this at number one on the list. I am a huge unabashed total map nerd and this game is perfect for anyone who fits that description. The concept of the game is simple: dominoes – but with maps. Players have to simply play countries that share a border next to each other, attempting to use skill to keep hold of strategic cars like Russia or Germany.

And better yet: there are several ‘expansion’ packs. More continents equals more fun, amirite?

Order your favourite edition here.

Travel gifts: coasters

  1. Map coasters

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: coasters with maps on them. Ideal for Secret Santa or great as little stocking fillers.

Pick up a set here.

Present ideas for photographers

Travel gifts: camera lens

  1. Phone lenses

Lenses for camera phones are genuinely such a good idea, I’ve literally no idea why these weren’t the big craze instead of Selfie Sticks. I got a basic set for Christmas last year and they really made a huge difference – the fishbowl lens is great for group shots.

Be sure to get a set that come in a handy little portable bag – perfect for on the road snapping.

Read more about the best options here.
But if you want something less professional, I can personally vouch for these (at a much lower price).

Cheerz insta prints (2)

  1. Cheerz.com

Photos are a pretty safe gift for any occasion, but why not spruce it up a bit with Cheerz. The photo-printing service does a huge range of gifts, ranging from scrapbooks to fridge magnets to photo albums.

The range of products varies over the course of the year (mostly according to the gift-giving season) so it’s always worth checking back to see what they are offering. The wedding decoration box is particularly sweet.

Take a look at their full range of products here.

Travel gifts for frequent flyers

Travel gifts: Trtl

  1. Trtl Sleep Scarf

Now I don’t own this personally, but a friend of mine absolutely swears by it. Think of it as the next generation in neck cushions. It’s basically a fairly fashionable scarf that has a reinforced section to keep your head in place as you kip. It looks a little bit like a neckbrace, but it’s definitely a lot more stylish than an inflatable pillow from WH Smiths. It’s pretty comfortable too!

Check it out here.

Courtesy of Airportag on instagram
Courtesy of Airportag on instagram
  1. Airportag

If you live your life in airports, you’d bound to get a little defensive about your favourite. Or perhaps you’re living away from home and what a travel-related momento to remind you of your home city?

Enter Airportag. The online shop specialises in gifts (t-shirts, cushion covers, phone covers, bed covers, cloth bags and posters) – all featuring your home airport code. The designs are really nice and they actually have a whole host of different ones available.

See the designs for Manchester airport here.

(Thanks to Adventurous Kate for introducing me to them here.)

Travel vouchers

  1. Flight vouchers

Of course, what’s a better travel gift than the actual gift of travel? One of the easiest ways to gift your beloved traveller a great gift is simply to get them a voucher for an airline they use regularly – that way they’ll think of you as they whisk themselves away…

My top choices would be Ryanair or Eurowings (both available in £/€ 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 or 200).

Courtesy of Surprise Trips on instagram
Courtesy of Surprise Trips on instagram
  1. Surprise Trips

But if you’re really adventurous, why not book a surprise trip…? Simply pick your budget, your dates, show up to the airport and then: destination unknown.

Find out more here.

Disclaimer (once more): I have not been asked to include any of the above items, I’m simply just a big fan.

Happy shopping!

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  1. Are those map coasters the ones you bought in Bucharest? They’re super pretty! I keep saying I’d be happy to receive flight vouchers as a gift, but no one takes me seriously 🙁

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