About Me

I’m John Pilkington. I’m 24. I’m a British expat. I like maps.

Currently based in Dusseldorf, I work full-time, blogging and travelling in my spare time.

Europe and European History has always been a passion of mine and my personal aim is to encourage more people to travel to, in and around the continent.

CBT is a way of sharing my love of Europe, as well as justifying spending all of my wages on budget flights and city breaks. I am also trying to get to every country in Europe before I turn 30…

25 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow you’ve been to soo many places 🙂 I’m going to Munich in February, is it as good as they say? And Heidelberg is oddly on my bucket list! Thank you for your comments btw, I can’t wait to see more of your adventures 🙂

  2. Looks like you’ve seen ‘quite’ a piece of Europe ; ) I have to say I respect you for such an order here an blog! Everything is were it should be and you have a pleasant style when it comes to writing! Keep it going!

  3. Nice blog! I also have travelblog, but in Russian which I guess you know? 😉 I just had contest in my blog asking people to guess what was my mistery route – 3 countries in 2,5 weeks. Nobody is winning 🙂

  4. Hey John, you have a great blog, I am so happy I found you! 🙂 Russia is high on my list for next year. Most people laugh at me when I say I want to see Russia in winter. Good thing you’re on my side 🙂 Happy travels!

    1. Hi Suze, thanks for your comment – I’m glad you like the blog 🙂 As for travelling to Russia in winter: do it! It’s everything you would expect – and the hot chocolate over there is amazing too!

  5. Hi! Just stumbled across your blog from the Travelling Buzz collaborative post and was pleased to see that Duesseldorf made the list! I spent my year abroad in the city and am hoping to return in the Autumn once I’ve finished my Uni degree. Looking forward to keeping up to date with your 2015 travels! 🙂

  6. hey!
    Nice blog!! 🙂
    would you have any recommendation for someone that is looking for a flat in Dusseldorf? like the best areas to leave if you are young… I’m also considering living in Essen since it seems like the rents are lower…what do you think??

  7. Hi,

    Awesome travel blog. I travel a lot also and really like your blog.

    We would like to invite you for one of our ghost tours for free. We are Ghost City tours and currently operate year round in Savannah, Charleston, New Orleans, San Antonio and Chattanooga.

    Could you make it to any of those locations this year?

    After you experience it yourself, we would love to be mentioned on your site. Is there any way we could arrange a good date for you to come out?

  8. Hi John, I’mean moving to Dusseldorf in July. Have an apartment in Oberkassel already and looking forward to discovering my new home soon. Will follow your blog for more tips so keep the Dus-based info coming please!

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